AREP Session With Asia Foundation

Organization Capacity Assessment-OCA As a commitment to capacity building & sustainability, the Asia Foundation, within the Strengthening Education for Afghanistan-II (SEA II) project signed MoU with Afghanistan Rehabilitation and Educational Program (AREP), therefore from May 02-22, 2016 the OCA was designed to assess AREP in eight capacity areas including Strategic Management, Human Resources Management, Financial Management, Board Development, Administration and Procurement, Internal and External Communication, Financial Sustainability, and Performance Management. The purpose of OCA visit was to assess systems, functions and practices of AREP, identify strengths and opportunities for improvement, and to recommend specific capacity interventions to strengthen AREP’s systems with the goal of qualifying it, over the next two or three years, as a prime recipient of USAID funds. The OCA was implemented using a participatory self-assessment process that involved application of the organizational capacity assessment tool (OCA) and systematic collection of qualitative data through focus group discussions, key informant interviews, review of documents, and observations. The OCA involved all AREP representatives drawn from the board, management and staff, AREP together with Foundation’s OCA team are working on identified Capacity Gaps gradually, first they do SWOT analysis for AREP and now they are working on AREP strategic plan for next five years.