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Success Story

After collapsing the Government of Islamic Republic Afghanistan and returning Taliban back to power, miss Adela and her father lost their jobs. There live was full of challenges because of losing their income sources. They were always thinking of finding an income source to return to normal life. It was difficult to find employment opportunities so, miss Adela decided to learn a skill and through skill generation income for her family. Meanwhile, it was also difficult to find a skill learning center and survive till her skill reach to maturity to generate revenue for her family. 

Miss Adela and her father, after extreme research, investigation and communication with friends and extended family members, luckily, she received great news about IOM/AREP on-the-job live skill development program from her former teacher. The message was “IOM/AREP started apprenticeship program in Balkh province, providing pocket money during the training period. Initially the training is designed for IDPs, returnees and host community members, unemployed who want to learn a skill to have job in the future”.

Miss Adela succeeded participating as an apprentice in IOM/AREP supported live skill development program in Jama Sara Garment Production Company for a period of five months and 10 days. She was a fast learner among 50 students and learnt cutting and sewing special proportion of women coat called Band-e-Kamar Band which no one of the staff has this skill. CEO of the company said, “production and income of the company increased by 7%, customer satisfaction enhanced by skills and on- 

time delivery of our services”.

In a nutshell, Miss Adela said “it is a heyday in my life receiving my first salary, supporting my family, and having a skill in this company which no one is having it yet”.