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Education is AREP’s main area of focus. Since last 25 years, AREP has been primarily working in education sector. Today AREP has got an edge over all other local Afghan NGOs working in education sector in Afghanistan.
AREP is providing technical assistance to Ministry of Higher Education [MoHE] and Ministry of Education [MoE] to strengthen education at the primary, secondary, high school and university levels and literacy trainings for adults throughout the country.
AREP also provided English classes, computer courses and other trainings for school teachers, community leaders, and school and university students. AREP has signed MoUs with 15 private universities in Afghanistan to manage PROMOTE scholarship program in 19 provinces of Afghanistan. Besides, AREP has signed MoUs with 33 computer and English language courses to help our beneficiaries across Afghanistan with quality skill education.
AREP continues its quality and excellence in education sector and strive to cover whole of Afghanistan and reach to the needy people.