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From Construction Labor in Iran to Mobile Repairing Expert in Afghanistan

Elias in his early 18 years age illegally migrated to Iran to make money and feed his family back in Herat province of Afghanistan. While arrived at his ideal destination in Iran, immediately he started working as a labor force in a construction side. His live was truly painful, however, he was thinking to learn a skill and live with his family in Afghanistan.

Due to his physical weakness, dark and unknown future, he returns to Afghanistan and joined AREP mobile repairing five-months training in Herat, Afghanistan. After successful completion of the training program, AREP provided him mobile repairing tools and necessary items as a package and finally he opened a mobile repairing stall in Herat city. He was imagining before participation in the training program “I must open a business with low cost and high profit and easy to run. After consulting with many friends and family members, I decided to learn the skill of mobile and electric devices repairing, with the only reason that every individual in Afghanistan is using at least a mobile device, therefore, there is need for repairing services centers as well”.

Fortunately, nowadays his business is flourishing beyond the expectation, income is in satisfactory level. Currently, he hired number of other same age teens who experienced the same situation to transfer them the knowledge and expertise of mobile repairing. Now he is a well-known mobile repairing expert in the mobile repairing market in the city.

Elias from the deep of his heart appreciated the European Union as a donor, IOM as a facilitator and AREP as implementing partner of the valuable apprenticeship on-the-job repairing training program. He also requested the donor communities to implement similar projects and provide on-the-job training programs based on market need.