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Success Story

From Unemployment Toward Making 2,000 AFN Per Day 

Sustainable, Reintegration, and Resilience project was funded by European Union, facilitated through IOM, Afghanistan, and implemented via Afghanistan Rehabilitation and Education Program, from Oct 2022 – Mar 2023 in five regional provinces of Afghanistan. The terminal objective of the project was to facilitate apprenticeship (on-the-job) income generation training program for five hundred households.

Mr. Samiullah was a local resident of Kandahar province and responsible for feeding his entire family. He does not have any technical and professional skills; however, he was keen to learn a legitimate skill to easily make money and feed his family. He said, “I wish I could be educated or having a skill to be effective to reduce financial distress of my family”. Luckily, he succeeded to enroll and participate in one of mobile repairing training programs at provincial district no 14 of Kandahar province. He attended the apprenticeship training program in Directorate of Labor Social Affairs of Kandahar province which was supported by AREP and succeeded in finishing it. During the training program for practical work, he repaired 150 MP3 music players, fifty power banks, two hundred smart phones, and three hundred mobile phones.

Mr. Samiullah at the end of the technical and vocational training program, he opened a mobile repairing shop in provincial district no nine and received mobile repairing tool’s package as well. Contemporary, his business is booming and making 2,000 – 2,500 AFN per day which is beyond his expectation and enough for his family expenditures. He added, “I am really happy from my business for making quite enough money, however, people are more than happy for providing them quality mobile and electric devices repairing services. Learning a skill is needed even for educated and non-educated people.”